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  May 5, 2011  

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Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel
iPad App Is Here!

One Day Sale, Tomorrow, May 6th—Only $.99

Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic NovelI’m excited to announce that we released our first iPad app, Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel developed by Electric Eggplant and based on Book 1 of my award-winning Middle School Confidential™ series published by Free Spirit.

I wrote the Middle School Confidential books to help kids build their sense of self and make choices that reflect who they really are. I’m totally jazzed to see the first of these books become an app! With a story like Be Confident in Who You Are and the dynamic power of the iPad, we put thought-provoking entertainment and solutions into the hands of kids who deal with social-emotional issues every day at school.

The app is designed for 8- to 14-year-olds, including those who aren’t enthusiastic readers. With richly layered audio consisting of wall-to-wall movie-like sound effects and music, this 49-page full color digital graphic novel makes full use of iPad technology. The Be Confident app is available for download in the iTunes App Store. Normally priced at $3.99, in conjunction with MomsWithApps, I’m offering my subscribers a one-day special price of $.99 (May 6, 2011 only).

What the reviewers say:

  • Be Confident, title screen“Kids ages 11 to 14 would benefit from this book’s lessons. My 11-year-old daughter, who starts middle school in the fall... gave the app an enthusiastic ‘pretty cool!’”
        —Rick Broida, CNET
  • “This app is sleek and well-designed. Since this very positive message is delivered in what is considered to be a cool medium — a graphic novel — it’s a great way to get to the targeted audience. 4 Stars!”
        —C. Healy, Common Sense Media
  • “The app takes advantage of zoom features to take readers through panel by panel, providing a sense of forward motion that synchronizes well with the text’s format.”
        —Kirkus Reviews
  • “5 Stars! After two decades working in youth development programs, I only wish I’d discovered this book series in print earlier. As a digital book it is well made, nicely augmented with music, and hits just the right note for this age group with a graphic novel style.”
        —Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime
  •  “...This app does for our kids just what moms do all the time. We hide the spinach in the spaghetti sauce, we cover the broccoli in cheese, and now we can broach difficult subjects with our teens and tweens using engaging characters, fun sound effects, stunning illustrations, and the iPad. How cool is that?”
        —Software Smoothie

Check out the full product description, screen shots and reviews.

Be Confident screen shot Be Confident screen shot Be Confident screen shot Be Confident screen shot Be Confident screen shot

Download on the App Store

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