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  October 1, 2009  

Annie Fox News

The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating is now... FREE!

Free Download of ''The Teen Survival Guide to Dating & Relating: Real-World Advice on Guys, Girls, Growing Up, and Getting Along''My award winning book The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating went out of print in 2008. Instead of letting this great relationship info vanish forever, I decided to give it away for FREE. No strings attached. So here it is. Everything your tweens and teens need to know about guys, girls, growing up and getting along. I wrote it because kids should learn to create and maintain healthy relationships with siblings, friends, bf/gf and yes, with their parents too! This book is packed with 100+ email questions from teens and my answers to them. Hopefully your sons and daughters will read it and think about how it applies to them. So give them this book as a gift... for life. And if you’ve got friends with tweens & teens, pass it on to them. That’s what friends are for.

In friendship,

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Family Confidential Podcast*

Annie Fox Podcast - Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful ParentingTune in to my podcast series “Family Confidential, Secrets of Successful Parenting.” Some of my past guests include:

Upcoming guests include:

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Follow Me on Twitter

Follow me on TwitterThis summer I discovered Twitter. What an amazing way to connect with folks seeking parenting advice and other professionals providing parenting resources. Join the conversation!


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Events Schedule

Here’s a list of my upcoming parenting workshops and student assemblies through December. For my complete calendar, click here. To request information on scheduling an event, click here.

Date Description Location
10/13/09 Mid-Peninsula High School Parent Education Event — “Your Teen’s Social Life: When to Step In and When to Step Back” Menlo Park, CA
10/15/09 Seven Hills School “Real Friends vs. The Other Kind” workshops for 2-8th graders Walnut Creek, CA
10/18/09 National Charity League “Real Friends vs. The Other Kind” San Francisco, CA
10/27/09 Terra Linda High School Parent Education Night — “Too Stressed to Think? How to be the Calm(ing) Center of Your Family” San Rafael, CA
10/28/09 Almaden Country School Parent Education Event — “Why 21st Century kids Need 21st Century Parenting” San Jose, CA
11/07/09 Windemere Ranch Middle School Family Communication Seminar “Helping Your Child Gain Self-confidence” a seminar for parents and teens. Open to the public. Sponsored by San Ramon, CA
11/17/09 Center for Human Development Parent Education Day Keynote address “Helping Kids and Tweens Make Choices That Reflect Who They Really Are” Concord, CA
12/1/09 Los Altos High School Parent Education Event — “Why 21st Century Teens Need 21st Century Parenting” Los Altos, CA
12/6/09 Brandeis Hillel Day School Book Fair author signing San Rafael, CA
12/7/09 Brandeis Hillel Day School “School Confidential” student assembly San Rafael, CA

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