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  October 18, 2010  

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Blog: Bullying and Our Competitive Edge

Who do you think you are?Great gobs of vitural ink have been sloshed around describing America’s “decline.” In a recent Newsweek story about the 100 best countries we didn’t even make the top 10. We’re Number 11. But, it’s not like Newsweek dropped a bombshell. We’ve all noticed the slippage for a while. From family problems to school problems to dysfunctional legislators to holy book burners.

Oh yes, my friends, we’ve got Trouble with a Capital T that rhymes with D and that spells DECLINE. All the pity party laments boil down to just one thing: “America’s lost its competitive edge.”

Oh yeah? Not so fast, dude. Sure, we may be losing the competition for top world ranking in stuff like education, health, quality of life, economics, and political environment. But what about Top Dog status in stuff that really matters. For example, when it comes to vying for popularity within their peer group no kids on Earth come close to the clawing, biting, sheer grit of American teens. Continue »

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Three FREE Parenting Events

This week you’ve got several chances to interact with Annie and learn more about what it takes to be an effective 21st Century Parent.

Tuesday Oct. 19th — Annie is a guest on The Real MomTV's “Life Simplified” with host Leslie Gail. They'll be talking about helping kids deal with the stress of school, sports, friends and life! Watch live, at 9am PT/12pm ET.

Wednesday Oct. 20th — Annie speaks on “The Benefits of Character Education” as part of the Happier Kids Now Online Expo for Parents and Teachers, 5pm PT/8pm ET

Saturday Oct. 23rd — Annie leads a FREE family communication seminar “Bullying - Not Cool!!” — 3:30pm at Windemere Ranch Middle School in San Ramon, CA, sponsored by  Register here for free.

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Podcast: Family Confidential,
Secrets of Successful Parenting

Ronit BarasIf you haven't yet heard Annie’s podcast*, Family Confidential, Secrets of Successful Parenting, have a listen on iTunes, or at Since our last newsletter we’ve posted four new interviews, the most recent, Be Yourself vs. Be Unique – Can we have it both ways? with Ronit Baras, internationally known educator and life coach. More »


Other recent podcasts include:

David McQueenDavid McQueenTalking to Your Kids So They'll Listen and Open Up
The lessons of intimacy we teach at home help our kids grow into adults with the confidence to discover who they ought to be. Annie talks about reconnecting with our kids with youth empowerment speaker and blogger extraordinaire David McQueen, founder of The Dave Mack Project. More »


Dr. Leah Klungness and Rachel SarahDr. Leah Klungness & Rachel SarahSingle Mom Seeking Advice and a (Love) Life!
Single motherhood presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for moms and their children. Annie talks to co-founders of the popular site Dr. Leah Klungness, Ph.D. author of The Complete Single Mother: Reassuring Answers to Your Most Challenging Concerns (Adams Media, 2006) and Rachel Sarah, author of Single Mom Seeking: Playdates, Blind dates, and Other Dispatches from the Dating World (Seal Press, 2007). More »


Dr. Elizabeth J. Meyer, Ph.D.Dr. Elizabeth J. Meyer, Ph.D. An End to Bullying
Generally, schools haven’t been effective in dealing with bullying. Kids deserve more support from their teachers and principals. Annie talks transformational strategies with Dr. Elizabeth J. Meyer, Ph.D., author of Gender, Bullying, and Harassment: Strategies to End Sexism and Homophobia in Schools (Teachers College Press, 2009). More »

*What's a podcast? Click here.

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Cruel’s Not Cool!

Cruel's Not Cool!Our anti-bullying forum Cruel’s Not Cool! is growing into a solid online community of thoughtful students, parents and educators. On our website and on Facebook 1100+ people share concerns, personal experiences and respond to breaking news. Together we can change our Culture of Cruelty which permits and promotes school bullying. The goal? To make school a more accepting place for all students all the time. Join the conversation!

Cruel's Not Cool fans

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Student Assembly/Parent Education Presenter

Annie regularly presents to students and parents. If you’re looking for a dynamic, informative and inspirational speaker, she’s now booking for the fall and spring. Here’s what folks who’ve booked Annie for their conference, school or PTA event say about her.

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Parent Coaching

Annie works with parents who long for better communication with their tweens and teens. Via phone consultations, Annie offers unique insights into adolescence so that parents can better understand where their kids are coming from. As Mom & Dad learn to listen with more compassion and respond to their teens more effectively, the result is more respect, cooperation and peace in the family. Annie’s coaching is parent education tailored to your family situation. Annie’s work is not therapy nor is it intended as a substitute for family or individual therapy. For more information email Annie.

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Follow Annie on Twitter and Facebook

Follow me on TwitterTwitter is an amazing way to connect with folks seeking parenting advice and with other professionals providing parenting resources. Join the conversation!

Find Annie on FacebookIn addition to the Cruel’s Not Cool! Facebook forum, visit Annie’s Facebook author page. Click on the pages’ Like buttons to stay current on her blog posts and podcasts.

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Events Schedule

Here are some of Annie’s upcoming media and conference appearances, parenting workshops and student assemblies. For her complete calendar, click here. To request information on scheduling an event, click here.

Date Description Location
10/19/10 Annie is a guest on The Real MomTV's “Life Simplified” with host Leslie Gail. They'll be talking about helping kids deal with the stress of school, sports, friends and life! Watch live, Tuesday 10/19/10 at 9am PT/12pm ET. Online
10/20/10 Annie speaks on “The Benefits of Character Education” at the Happier Kids Now Online Expo for Parents and Teachers, 5PM PT/8 PM ET Online
10/23/10 Windemere Ranch Middle School “Bullying - Not Cool!!” — a seminar for parents and teens. Open to the public. Sponsored by itsdiff.comRegister here for free San Ramon, CA
10/26/10 Stratford Middle School Student Assembly “Real Friends vs. The Other Kind” San Jose, CA
10/26/10 Stratford Middle School Parent Education “Why 21st Century Kids Need 21st Century Parenting” San Jose, CA
10/28/10- 10/30/10 Character Education Partnership Conference Annie will present a workshop at the 17th Annual National Forum on Character Education, Helping Tweens Fight Peer Approval Addiction San Francisco, CA
11/5/10 Student Assemblies at The Ann Richard School for Young Women Leaders Austin, TX
11/5/10 Girls Inc. Austin brings Annie to Windsor Park Branch Library to present a “Real Friends vs. The Other Kind” workshop. Austin, TX
11/6/10 GenAustin’s We Are Girls Conference Annie will present 3 workshops Austin, TX
11/10/10 Pleasanton Library presents an afternoon author event for tweens with Annie followed by an evening parent education event. (925) 931-3400 for more info. Pleasanton, CA
4/20/11- 4/22/11 Fire & Life Safety Educators Conference of the Rockies Annie will present a workshop at this annual conference, “What Everyone Else Thinks: Helping T(w)eens Fight Peer Approval Addiction” Estes Park, CO

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