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  December 10, 2009  

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Helping Parents and Teens Navigate Middle School and Beyond!

Happy Holidays to you and your family! May this winter season bring you many opportunities to celebrate life and spread the light within you.

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MSC Book 3: What’s Up with My Family?

''Middle School Confidential, Book 3: What's Up with My Family?'' by Annie Fox, Illustrated by Matt Kindt Book 3 of Annie’s award-winning Middle School Confidential™ series will be published January 2010 by Free Spirit. No family is perfect and that’s exactly why tweens & teens need practical tips for coping with situations at home. Help is on the way! As with all Middle School Confidential books What’s Up with My Family? offers real solutions to a wide range of real family problems. Readers will find tips for building trust with adults at home and making relationships stronger.

This is a family relationships book for every middle schooler who’s ever asked, “What’s up with my family?”

Pre-order your autographed copy now.

Middle School Confidential series book trailer
Middle School Confidential series book trailer. Click to view.

Click here for an excerpt Book 1: Be Confident in Who You Are?
Click here for an excerpt Book 2: Real Friends vs. the Other Kind and some reviews.
Click here for a synopsis of Book 3: What’s Up with My Family?
Click here to order a personally autographed first edition copy of Books 1, 2 or 3 or the whole set, illustrated by Matt Kindt. Perfect for the 5th-8th grader in your life. $9.99 plus shipping (and tax for CA residents)

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FREE: The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating

Free Download of ''The Teen Survival Guide to Dating & Relating: Real-World Advice on Guys, Girls, Growing Up, and Getting Along''Annie’s award winning book The Teen Survival Guide to Dating and Relating went out of print in 2008. Instead of letting this great relationship info vanish forever, Annie is giving it away for FREE as a PDF download. No strings attached. So here it is. Everything your tweens and teens need to know about guys, girls, growing up and getting along. Annie wrote it because kids should learn to create and maintain healthy relationships with siblings, friends, bf/gf and yes, with their parents too! This book is packed with 100+ email questions from teens and Annie’s answers to them. Hopefully your sons and daughters will read it and think about how it applies to them. So give them this book as a gift... for life. And if you’ve got friends with tweens & teens, pass it on to them. That’s what friends are for.

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Family Confidential Podcast*

Annie Fox Podcast - Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful ParentingHosted by Annie and produced by Electric Eggplant, Family Confidential brings you free practical parenting advice through recorded in-depth conversations with authors, educators and therapists. These dynamic and personal discussions help strengthen family connections by providing tips, insights and practical tools for guiding your kids through the teen years and beyond. Recent guests include:

Have a listen on iTunes, or here at Free Download!

*What's a podcast? Click here.

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Parent Coaching

Annie works with parents who long for better communication with their tweens and teens. Via phone consultations, Annie offers unique insights into adolescence so that parents can better understand where their kids are coming from. As parents learn to listen with more compassion and respond to their teens more effectively the result is more respect, cooperation and peace in the family. Annie’s coaching is parent education tailored to your family situation. It is not therapy, nor is it intended as a substitute for family or individual therapy. For more information email Annie.

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Follow Annie on Twitter

Follow me on TwitterTwitter is an amazing way to connect with folks seeking parenting advice and with other professionals providing parenting resources. Join the conversation!


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Events Schedule

Here are some of Annie’s upcoming parenting workshops and student assemblies. For her complete calendar, click here. To request information on scheduling an event, click here.

Date Description Location
12/14/09 Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area “Friendship Workshop” for 7th graders Menlo Park, CA
1/8/10 Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School Parent Education Event – “Why 21st Century Kids Need 21st Century Parenting” Palo Alto, CA
1/22/10 Harker School “Real Friends vs. The Other Kind” student assemblies San Jose, CA
2/4/10 Seven Hills School Parent Education Night Walnut Creek, CA
3/24/10 Santa Clara High School Parent Education Event – “Why 21st Century Kids Need 21st Century Parenting” Santa Clara, CA
5/24/10 Faria Elementary School “Real Friends vs. The Other Kind” student assemblies Cupertino, CA
6/22-24/10 CHARACTERplus Character Ed Conference Annie will present two workshops at the 16th Annual Character Education Conference St. Louis, MO

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