Annie Fox, M.Ed. Special Girl Scout Friendship Workshops

for 3rd–8th Grade Girls & Their Parents

Bring Annie Fox and a dynamic 2-hour workshop to your troop

With compassion, insight and humor Annie Fox helps girls get along better with themselves and everyone else. Her two special workshops for Girl Scouts and their parents combine an engaging multimedia presentation plus empowering role play.

New this year! Two-hour Can You Relate? workshops for 6th–8th grade girls and their parents. Annie helps older girls feel confident in their relationships, and most importantly, in themselves. Each girl takes home an autographed copy of Book 1 of Annie’s award-winning Middle School Confidential series, Be Confident in Who You Are. Details coming soon.

Back by popular demand! Two-hour Girls’ Friendship Without the Drama workshops for 3rd–5th graders and parents. Annie helps girls discover how friendship is a two-way street in which we all deserve respect. Each girl takes home an autographed copy of Annie’s new book, The Girls Q&A Book on Friendship. In the workshop’s 1st hour, the older girls learn to:

  • Identify real friends vs the other kind
    Order ''The Girls Q&A Book on Friendship: 50 Ways to Fix a Friendship Without the DRAMA'' by Annie Fox, M.Ed., illustrated by Erica De Chavez
  • Calm down and think more clearly
  • Resolve conflicts with respect
  • Develop compassion and pass it forward

In hour two, parents learn to help girls:

  • Be their own best friend
  • Speak up for themselves and others
  • Manage emotions responsibly
  • Develop social courage online and off

Cadettes working on their aMAZE Journey: Annie’s workshop will help you progress toward your Interact Award.

Annie Fox, M.Ed. is an internationally respected parenting expert, educator, and award-winning author.

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Girls’ Friendship Without the DRAMA
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