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Whenever I talk to students, I show them how to calm down by taking re-centering breaths. It’s really easy. When you notice that you’re stressing, you just STOP whatever you’re doing, close your eyes, and INHALE slowly and evenly through your nose. Then EXHALE... Slowly and evenly through your relaxed and open mouth. Inhale... S-L-O-W-L-Y and then exhale.... S-L-O-W-L-Y. After about 5 breaths, you will relax and have taken the edge off of your mood. Re-centering breathing also helps you think more clearly. (Always a good thing. Especially when you’re stressed!)

The Breathing ChallengeUp for a challenge? Next time you’re stressed, STOP and use re-centering breathing to help you calm down. Like other teens, you may quickly discover that you can change your life (and your relationships) when you’re not Too Stressed to Think. If you try it and it works, send me an email and tell me about it. You may get your story posted here, like this teen!

“Homesick at Camp”

“One time at a school camp, I got really homesick and couldn't sleep. I started crying and getting hysterical because everyone else was asleep and I wasn't. All I wanted was to go home, but I promised my family I'd pull through and be strong, so I thought of ways that I could calm down... And then the Breathing Challenge from your website came to mind. It really calmed me down so much that I fell asleep. I used it on all the other nights at the camp and still use it to calm myself to this day!”

—Proud and Grateful Teen


“Sad to Happy”

“Earlier today I was really stressed out about my boyfriend and why he always treats me so bad and talks to me like I’m not a human. I broke down crying and I just watched him leave through the door and not even say one word about me crying hysterically. By my boyfriend not responding to my crying resulted in major frustration so I threw my iPad at him but it ended up hitting the door. He got mad and left so I still sat here crying. But then a really great friend of mine came into my head and it reminded me of how she would tell me she learned the breathing challenge from your website. I tried it and it completely calmed me down. I started thinking straight and I thought about ways I could fix the situation. It came down to me actually talking to my boyfriend about everything and he apologized for what he had been doing, he said he didn’t realize. But I’m fine now and I’m happy. Thanks to your breathing method!”

—Grateful Teen

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