Annie Fox for Teens... Hey, Terra!

Annie (AKA Hey Terra!) has been around long enough to have experienced a lot of what Life can dish out. But, it hasn’t been so long that she's forgotten what it's like to be your age. Check out some of the thousands of email questions teens from around the world have sent to Terra. You may learn something useful from her answers on the topic of:


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“I want to leave the mean girls but part of me doesn't.” Nice Bitch
“I can't help it if I have breasts and they don't!” Embarrassed
“I'm afraid I'm going to get beaten up.” Brunnie
“That's just what my mom said!” Karate Kid
“Why should they care if my bf is younger?” Baffled
“What can you do when people just stop talking to you?” Very Confused and Lonely
“My friend posted really nasty things about me on her site.” Dazzling Dina
“My cousin hates school because the other girls don't include her.” Concerned Cuz
“I don't know why they hate me.” Hurting
“They keep teasing me.” Enough Already
“My friend dug her nails into my skin.” Help
“My brother and stepbrother aren't nice to me.” Left With No One
“My sister is hitting me and my parents don't care.” Bruised
“I'm teased at school and all my mom says is 'Ignore them.'” Still Screaming
“People are making fun of me.” Tired of being made fun of
“My ex-girlfriends are now bullying me.” Losing it
“They said I was gay.” Desperate
“I'm deaf, not stupid!” Rejected
“My friend yelled at me in front of the whole class!” Cry Baby

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