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Drugs and Alcohol:
“How does marijuana affect sexuality?”

Hey Terra,

How does marijuana affect sexuality?


Dear Wondering,

It depends on how heavy a marijuana user you are. Here's some information on marijuana and sexuality:

"Fatty tissues in various organs absorb the chemical in marijuana, THC. Traces of THC can be detected by standard urine and blood tests for about 2 days up to 11 weeks depending on the person's metabolism, how much they smoked and how long they smoked. THC can be detected for the life of the hair. Again, the sensitivity of the test ranges from person to person depending on many factors including the amount of body fat, differences in metabolism, and how long and how much they smoked.

Marijuana affects your hormone levels causing a lack of sexual pleasure, decreased sperm count in males and infertility in females."

To learn more, click here and also read this page on The InSite.

Ultimately, continued use of marijuana will change the way your brain functions. Like any drug or alcohol abuse, you are building walls between you and the people in your life. You're also creating all kinds of problems for yourself. You might want to ask yourself this question: Why am I smoking?

In friendship,


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