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“How can I tell if a girl likes me?”

Hey Terra,

Thank you for the quick response. As for the Aspergers Syndrome, yes I see medical doctors on a regular basis. Fortunately, I have "mild" Aspergers Syndrome so I am completely included in regular education and I do not have the more severe stereotypical symptoms of this disorder.

In response to your suggestion, the following is a list of my areas of strengths:

  • academic areas that require recall of names, dates, events, facts, mathematical operations, writing about various topics
  • willing to assist others upon request with academics without just giving the answers
  • knowing lots of trivial information for games and information about topics that come up in class
  • recalling wars, battles, locations, names of famous leaders, weapons used in combat, and statistics related to wars, facts learned in health class, facts about drugs and alcohol from the learning channel, statistics from the newspaper, discussing a variety of current events
  • reading about various topics from multiple sources

I also like to draw cartoons and comic strips, I think they are funny even if some people do not understand the humor. I am also in the Art Club after school.

I suppose you wrote so much about negative people because you thought I might perhaps perceive myself negatively. The use of the word "inept" is only in reference to my inexperience with girls and relationships with girls. One of my teachers let me borrow her copy of your book "Can you Relate" and that is why I decided to find your website. In my literature class we were given the assignment to write a letter of advice to a younger sibling or child on the subject of romantic love and relationships. This is the only area that makes me uncomfortable to discuss because I have no experience from which to draw information. I am trying to write a letter to my 5 year old brother to read when he gets to be my age. When he is my age, I will be on my own, possibly completing an advanced degree in college, though I don't know what I'll do as a career when I become an adult however that is not a topic of concern at this point.

Thank you,

Socially Inept Sophomore

Dear Socially Inept Sophomore,

It sounds like you have a lot of intellectual gifts. I can certainly tell a good writer when I read one! :O) And you are into art too... that's very cool. As for your assignment for your literature class... I guess you'll have to first give me your definition of "romantic love". Are we talking about the "love at first sight my god! I can't breathe I'm so overwhelmed with infatuation" or... something more substantive.

Until next time,

In friendship,


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