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“I really want a girlfriend.”

Hey Terra,

I don't want them as sexual objects, I actually like them a lot. I talk to them sometimes, and I barely blabber. It's mostly them talking. I talk to them online too. I don't just want physical relationship and I don't find them interchangeable. I just like them both. This is because they are oh so similar, practically the same. They look alike and act the same way (practically a carbon copy of each other).

I'm not a player, trust me, more of a Melvin (outcast) than anything else. I try not to be one (an outcast) but that's the way it is. What do I do??? What are signs of them liking me?



Dear Help,

You've convinced me. You sound like a very nice guy. I apologize for assuming that you only viewed the girls as sexual objects. Forgive me, please.

As for your question: What are the signs of them liking you? I'd say you can trust your instincts on that one. It's really not that difficult to tell if someone likes you. Here are some signs, check the list and see if you've experienced this coming from the girl you like?

  • Does she smile when she sees you?
  • Does she make eye contact?
  • Does she seem interested in what you have to say?
  • Does she ask you questions and really listen to the answers?
If you notice how you feel when you're with her (comfortable, accepted, approved of), those are the signs that a person likes you.

It sounds like you've been doing the right thing... Communicating openly. Hopefully you are asking the girls questions (beyond "Do you like me?") that show you want to know them as friends and that you're interested in finding out more about who each of them is, as a person. What are their interests, goals, dreams, plans for the future? What books and films do they like?

The only "next" step for you should be growing the friendship. And the way to do that is to BE the kind of friend you want them to be to you.

How's that sound?

In friendship,


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