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Hi there… How’s it going? Probably not all that great or you wouldn’t be here looking for help. No worries. Teens have been emailing me since 1997 because I give good advice. If you’ve got a problem with friends, so-called friends, a bf/gf, a parent, or anything else… email me. I can help you sort out your feelings. No matter what’s going on, you always have choices. And choices matter because sometimes the stuff we do to “fix” a problem only makes things worse. You don’t want to go there. Instead, let me help you figure out your next best move

In friendship,
Terra (aka Annie Fox)

From Terra’s Inbox

“Can birth control pills make you act 'crazy'?”


“I have two boyfriends.”

Hey Terra,

Lately I've been crying hard. I'm not really sure why. I've also been sensitive to things my boyfriend, family says to me. The littlest things! More so w/ my boyfriend, and I'm not sure if I've been crying for no reason or there might be a reason. But when I'm around people I'm okay. I don't want to talk to my bf or family because they might think I'm crazy and so I hide my eyes from them. But is it because of these oral contraceptive pills I'm taking or am I depressed or something? Please help me out.

What's going on?


Hey Terra,

I have a bf but I only like him as a friend but he likes me as his gf. And I have another problem -- I have another bf but he is 12. The other is 13 like me but I'm gonna be 14 soon. Should I break up with the both of my bfs and go out with this other guy who just asked me out?


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Annie’s Blog:
A Tale of Two Jars

September 16, 2015

Which jar are you filling up today? Which jar are you filling up today?

Imagine two empty glass jars. One labeled Friendliness. One labeled Hostility. Imagine each time you say something to someone (online or off) you must put a marble in one jar or the other. By the end of the day which jar has more marbles?

Getting along with each other has always been a major challenge on this planet. Each day, each of us can increase hostilities or increase feelings of friendship. It's really that simple.

Think about the two jars with this hypothetical situation:

A group of kids sit at a lunch table with one empty seat. A new kid comes over carrying a lunch tray and asks "Can I sit here?" For each choice, which jar gets a marble, Friendliness or Hostility?

Someone says "No way!" F or H

New Kid throws a french fry at someone. F or H

Someone lies and says, "Sorry, but I'm saving this seat for my friend." F or H

New Kid lies and says, "No problem." F or H

New Kid says, "I don't want to sit with you. You're mean." F or H

Someone says "Sure" and makes room. F or H

Someone frowns but doesn't move. F or H

Someone quickly puts her sweater on the empty seat. F or H

Someone says, "No weirdos at this table." F or H

Someone laughs. F or H

Someone feels bad, but says nothing. F or H

Someone says, "Don't be mean. Let her sit with us." F or H More »

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