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“I only thought of him as a friend.”

Hey Terra,

I had a boy ask me out that I only thought of as a friend. In the past I tended to say no, well maybe it just seemed that way to my friend. Well not that long ago I made a pact to say yes to almost every boy that asks me out. So I ended up going on a date with this guy. He's really into me and I'm not sure what to think. Usually it sort of hits me when I like someone. Now I sometimes feel uncomfortable with him, because he likes me so much.

I had a good time on our date. He took me to a baseball game and he's one of the guys that won't let you ever buy anything with your own money when you're with him. We also have some similar interests, like our fav. TV show, music, how to treat our bf/gf, and how we would like to be treated.

I was almost overwhelmed with some of the questions he asked. He asked what I think about Relationships and dating. I'm not sure what he was really trying to hear. He also asked me my dream date. I don't really know what I should do. Should I continue going out with him and see if I fall for him, or stop now? If it helps I'm 17 and he's 18.


Dear Whazzup,

If you enjoy spending time with him and you have similar interests, then there's no reason not to continue going out with AS LONG AS you are very honest with him about how you feel.

You say the he "likes you so much." How do you know that for sure? Has he told you that? Or have you heard it from other people? You may be reading into the questions he asked about relationships and dating or you may spot on.

If it's absolutely clear to you that this guy is more emotionally involved with you than you are with him, make sure that you're not leading him on. Tell him what you like about being with him and what makes you "sometimes feel uncomfortable with him" or "almost overwhelmed." If you can be honest with him and he can back off a bit, then you have the basis of a good friendship, and that's a very good thing.

Sometimes people fall for each other at different speeds. So this friendship could develop into something deeper, for you and for him. Just make sure you keep the lines of communication open, set boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

I hope this helps!

Keep me posted.

In friendship,


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