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Losing interest:
“It's like he's tired of me.”

Hey Terra,

I have a boyfriend. At first we talked over the phone and we held hands and we were side by side before school and he used to walk me to my door when it was time to goin to class but he don't do that anymore. I think that he likes to be with his friends more than being with me. I understand that he needs to spend time with his friends but we don't hang around or go out and it's only about 2 weeks that we have been going out! Before I could tell that he was happy to see me and he used to kiss me like if he really wanted to kiss me but now he just kisses me like if it was something like a normal routine. He just gives me kiss and then he leaves with his friends. And every time I go up to him it's like if he was tired of me. Am I paranoid or is it just my imagination? Does he really wanna go out with me or not? I'll try to talk to him on Monday face to face. On Friday he said to call him and I haven't coz my aunt won't let me talk to boys over the phone and I'm thinking does he need to tell me something important and that maybe that's why he wants me to call him coz usually he don't tell me to call him, well he does but it's usually when I had already called him that same day.


Dear Whazzup,

It sounds likes he's losing interest (for whatever reason). Maybe he's not ready to have a relationship that lasts more than 2 weeks. It's hard not to blame yourself, but more often than not, this has to do with him and his maturity level and not anything you did or failed to do.

But I'm just guessing. If you have confusion about what's going on with this boy, then I suggest you talk with him on Monday. (In the meantime, make some plans with your friends for the rest of the weekend so that you aren't making yourself miserable imagining the worst.) If this turns out to be the end of the relationship, there are many things you can learn from the experience.

I hope this helps.

Let me know what happens.

In friendship,


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