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Annie (AKA Hey Terra!) has been around long enough to have experienced a lot of what Life can dish out. But, it hasn’t been so long that she's forgotten what it's like to be your age. Check out some of the thousands of email questions teens from around the world have sent to Terra. You may learn something useful from her answers:

“I used to be an active social person; now I hate everything.”

Hey Terra,

I used to be an active social person; now I frankly hate everything. I used to bike, play basketball, write and publish poetry. Now I do nothing.

My friends keep telling me that I am not myself anymore. I even lost the brightness in my eyes. I don't sleep as I used to do. I stay all night awake thinking of what I am doing here and why my life has changed this way. I am mostly locked in my room lying on my bed and thinking.

Lately I have thought of committing suicide. I took pills from my dad's closet without telling anyone as a means to commit suicide. The result was that I had severe stomach pains and constipation but unfortunately didn't die. I want my old me back. I want to be out of my sadness and loneliness. I need someone to help me out. I don't want to end up committing suicide and succeeding.


Dear Depressed,

You are going through some difficult times and I'm very proud of you for loving yourself enough to know that you need help.

Please tell your parents what you've just told me. They love you and they want you to be safe and happy. You deserve to be much happier than you are now and you CAN be... with help.

Please, do yourself and a huge favor and reach out to your parents in the same way that you reached out to me. They must be aware that something isn't right. Go to them, today, and say, "Mom, Dad... I need help. I'm sad all the time. I'm thinking about hurting myself, and I don't want to. I need to see a therapist. Please, help me find one."

Ok, sweetie? Will you talk to your parents?

In friendship,


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